NYPD Identified Stabbing Suspect, Won’t Arrest




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    NYPD Identified Stabbing Suspect, Won’t Arrest

    The NYPD has identified the alleged perpetrator in the stabbing of Levi Brickman, the Lubavitcher who was brutally attacked on Kingston Avenue two weeks ago. Police have questioned the suspect and let him go, refusing to make an arrest until further evidence is obtained • Full Story

    As earlier reported on this site, Levi Brickman was married just one month to his wife Mushka when he was stabbed with a knife in the back two weeks ago on the corner of Kingston Avenue and Empire Boulevard in the heart of Crown Heights. The perpetrator is believed to be a young black male, who was spotted in security camera footage fleeing the scene.

    Brickman was transported to Kings County Hospital in serious but stable condition, and has subsequently been transferred to NYU after suffering from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. He has been discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

    The NYPD and Mayor de Blasio have labeled the attack a “potential Hate Crime”, due to the severity of which considerably more effort is being made to search for and apprehend the attacker. Additionally, the Anti-Defamation League has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the attacker.


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    1. What proof is there that this was a hate crime?

      When the police and city find something a hate crime, they use that as an excuse to absolve themselves of any responsibility that could have prevented the crime. Meaning: That they refuse to put police walking a beat. You need more staff to do that, and each officer costs so much. Its cheaper to have fewer policemen who race to calls in fancy cars.

      Whats the difference?

      A policeman walks around the neighborhood for years and gets to know all the neighbors and their business. He knows all the drunks and odd people roaming the streets. So when theres a call, he walks in and quickly difuses the problem.

      When no policemen are walking beats and they only respond to emergencies, what happens? A policeman walks into a situation tensed and ready to shoot. The people don’t know him. He doesn’t know them. Everyone is poised for action. This leads to burn-out in policeman who suffer from terrible PTSD. It results in small situations turning into arrests.

      New York City is cheap. They know how anti-authority New Yorkers are. How much they dislike police. Hence, the first item chopped from the city budget is always policemen. Its cheaper to invest in more cars and have police respond only to emergencies. This is of course to the detriment of the poor policeman who is set up to be a walking target and for the unfortunate communities that are left to suffer from increased crime rates.

      Of course then crime goes up and the city finds ways to excuse itself claiming: “racial hatred” or “Hate crimes”. This fed by community leaders eager to get more grant money who unfortunately, find that there’s lots of funding for programming to stop racial hatred etc, and the neighborhoods all buy into this story which helps the city to avoid really dealing with the problem of crime.

      Too bad
      Raanan Isseroff

    2. Boruch N Hoffinger

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      America has been on the decline for years, in spite of one
      president, congress, etc., for years. Let’s reverse this
      downward trend.
      Read the report of the best country to live in
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    NYPD Identified Stabbing Suspect, Won’t Arrest