UPDATED: Mixed Event In Crown Heights




    Shifra Vepua

    UPDATED: Mixed Event In Crown Heights

    In what seems to be a mistake, an event titled “DansDeals Seminar” set to take place in Crown Heights is offering seats in a “mixed seating” section ● UPDATE: Bais Rivkah has notified that indeed it is a mistake, and the event is completely separate ● Read More

    UPDATE 11/17/2014 11:00pm: A member of the Bais Rivkah administration has contacted ChabadInfo.com and notified us that indeed this is a mistake on the ticket-selling website, and no mixed seats are available.

    The event will be completely separate, with no mixed seating whatsoever.


    Earlier we reported:

    The editor of DansDeals.com, one of the most popular “deal” blogs in the blogosphere, has been offering “DansDeals Seminars” in various places around America, with all the proceeds going to support local schools in those cities.

    Now, he is coming to Crown Heights.

    This Wednesday, November 19th, at 8:00pm, the 13th “DansDeals Seminar” will take place in the Beis Rivkah Campus on Crown Street, with all the proceeds benefiting the Beis Rivkah school.

    But alas, seems like a serious mistake has occurred. The official event page lists the following:

    “Please choose between mixed seating or separate seating when you purchase your ticket.”

    And the purchase page lists “General Admission: Mixed Seating” as one of the options.

    Mashpi’im and Rabbonim approached ChabadInfo.com to ask them to publicize about this, due to the serious implication of such an event.

    The Rebbe’s opinion against mixed seating at any event, even a Torah class, is well known and documented, and the Rebbe only permitted it in Communist Russia, as seen in the following letter from the Rebbe written in the late 1970’s:

    “In view of the extraordinary circumstances and difficulties in that country, I would be inclined to take a more lenient view to admit women into the men’s classes…

    I must emphasize again that the heter mentioned above in regard to coed study is based on the special extenuating circumstances prevailing in that particular country, there being no other way to save them from assimilation and intermarriage. It should in no way serve as a precedent for other cases where those circumstances do not prevail, not continued even in that same case when the situation improves sufficiently not to have recourse to that heter.”

    We are sure this is a mistake, and it will surely be corrected before the event, preventing the Chilul Hashem and the tremendous damage to Chinuch that such an event will bring.



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    1. sam

      You make it sound like the Rebbe said it’s “even not allowed for Torah classes,” when it’s generally accepted that Torah classes must be separate whereas other classes have no such consensus.

    2. Zalman

      Accepted? by whom? Why would differ? If it is needed in one it is needed in the other.
      the point here was that even for Shiurim to be Mekarev is also problematic but if there is no Kiruv in it why should we be lenient?

    3. inform them

      Was this sent to B.R.Hanholas email?

    4. Sarah

      I am somewhat shocked at the language of this article. Shouldn’t those concerned have spoke directly with the event coordinator? Are these seminars not for tsedaka purposes and benefit of those attending? This article is potentially embarrassing and disgraceful for those planning the event. When does one Halacha come above another?

    5. Hmm

      “Mashpi’im and Rabbonim approached ChabadInfo.com to ask them to publicize about this, due to the serious implication of such an event.”

      why dont these unnamed Mashpi’im and Rabbonim address the issue themselves why cower behind a website?

    6. sam

      Why did you delete all of the other comments?
      Not nice.
      Then again I’m sure you wont approve this either.

    7. yosef

      something is wrong because the guy doing it Dan is still claiming that there is mixed seating available

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