Community Shuls Prep For Vaad Hakohol Elections


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    Community Shuls Prep For Vaad Hakohol Elections

    Efforts are being made to organize elections for a new Vaad Hakohol. Members of the Crown Heights Community Council sent out a letter to Crown Heights shuls, encouraging them to appoint representatives to assist in organizing new elections • Full Letter

    To the Residents of Crown Heights, “Kan tziva Hashem es habracha,”

    In the past few days, an invitation has been circulated for shuls to appoint representatives (“Netzigim”) as the first step towards arranging elections for new directors of Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and Vaad Hakohol.

    We are writing herein to express our full support for this effort and to pledge full cooperation with the plan to organize elections. Our current Board has been in office for over ten years and the time has come for the community to express its vision for its own future.

    Recent events have shown the power and potential of this community to come together to strengthen Crown Heights and to show leadership to the entire City of New York and beyond.

    We call on all interested members of the community to get involved — in choosing appropriate people to represent your shuls as Netzigim, to assist in organizing the elections, and to be willing to run as candidates for office to help guide the community forward.

    We hope and pray that all of this can take place in an atmosphere of peace and Ahavas Yisrael.

    With blessings for a Kesiva Vachasima Tova Leshana Tova Umesuka,


    Zaki Tamir

    Yossi Hackner

    Fishel Brownstein



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    Community Shuls Prep For Vaad Hakohol Elections