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    My Personal Rebbe Story

    I wrote to the Rebbe, pouring my heart filled up with emotions. Next thing I knew, my husband name was announced as the winner of the dollar. It was the most clear answer I could have ever gotten • Full Story

    A story told over by Alizah Chekroun

    I am honored to introduce in all major steps of my life after becoming frum I wrote letters to the Rebbe seeking for answers and advice.

    And I have been lucky to receive EXTREMELY clear answers thru the Igros. Obviously, I’m super grateful for that.

    Even if the decision was a hard one, the Rebbe’s letter gave me kochos to do what had to be done.

    Before getting married in Adar 5770, when I was already engaged I asked the Rebbe where we should live, in Crown Heights or in Rio de Janeiro, where I grew up.

    The answer said something along these lines:

    Not in Brooklyn, not in New York, nor in the USA. But in a place where you can use your energy in the fullest sense. And one of the places the Friediker Rebbe suggested is South America or South Africa. (I will write it in their hearts, no 804, pg 169-174)

    To our astonishment after reading the Rebbe’s biography written by Telushkin, just few a weeks ago, we found out that the original letter was meant to a young couple going on shlichus to in Rio de Janeiro! (Rebbe, joseph telushkin, pg 75 – 77)

    Although against the natural course of a young couple who would be at least a year in Crown Heights we knew the Rebbe was serious and we needed to come to Brazil for our UNOFFICIAL mission.

    At that time, Brazil was in a good economic standing and my husband was full of energy to do kollel and open a business there afterwards.

    During the past 5 years we lived in Rio and were involved with the community, hosting Shabbosim, classes and events.

    My husband tried many ventures to earn a decent and honest livelihood but things started getting harder and the country did not offer the opportunities for us to continue there.

    After several conversations over the last two years with our Mashpia we decided to write again to the Rebbe and ask if we should move back to Crown Heights.

    We got an answer. Our Mashpia considered it clear and gave us the go ahead to plan our move.

    But I was very uneasy.

    I always had gotten such clear answers and to me, to such an important step, this was not clear enough like the others.

    Nevertheless, it was not upon my judgement. The go ahead was given and our decision made.

    Still uneasy. The letter we got to come to live in Rio was so strong and so clear that the wording still resonated in my ears.

    A few days before my husband travelled – he went before me. I was organizing some files and saw the letter we had written over five years earlier.

    In the letter we asked:
    “where should we live during the first year of our marriage”

    We had never asked the Rebbe where we should live for the rest of our lives.

    But the answer was so strong that we never questioned to move out of Rio after that, especially to Crown Heights.

    That made me settle a bit.

    Finally two days before my husband left, we were finalizing the last details of the trip.

    We had to take a break from our organizing night shift.

    It so happened to be broadcasting a live stream of Rebbetzins Chana birthday farbrengen at Machon Chana, and exactly in the second I tuned in, it was announced that a dollar of the Rebbe was being raffled.

    I called and asked for the options. Randomly, I bought 5 tickets for 46 dollars.

    I wrote to the Rebbe, pouring my heart filled up with emotions, and I told the Rebbe that receiving this dollar from him would mean his approval to our move and would give me strength to carry on with the challenges I was facing.

    Next thing I knew, my husband name was announced as the winner of the dollar.

    It was the clearest answer I could have ever gotten.

    The Rebbe is here with us, bentching and guiding us in every step.

    And the sweet thing that we realized afterwards: 5 tickets for each year in Brazil. 46 dollars for the gematria of our 9 month old firstborn: Levi.


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