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    Shifra Vepua

    Help the Needy

    If there will be among you a needy person, from one of your brothers in one of your cities… you shall not harden your heart • Full Story

    The Torah commands: If there will be among you a needy person, from one of your brothers in one of your cities… you shall not harden your heart, and you shall not close your hand from your needy brother. Rather, you shall open your hand to him…” (Deut 15:7)

    Our Sages extol: Charity is equal to all of the mitzvot. Great is charity for it hastens the Redemption. (Bava Basra)

    Rabbi Yitzchak Meir, along with his wife and three boys, are members of our community. Due to immigration restrictions, Rabbi Yitzchak Meir can’t work or even travel outside of the immediate area to raise funds. In fact, he was recently detained by Immigration for over a month and now needs your assistance that much more to pay for basic sustenance and living expenses, past-due rent and utilities, and loan obligations.

    Through the mitzvah of charity, may we merit the immediate Redemption!


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    1. Ruth

      Hi where can I send a check?

    2. A.Cohen

      Please send check to Shlomo Bichler
      Baba Sali 11 apt. #4
      Beitar Elite, Israel
      They have 17 children, the oldest is 20 years old, youngest 8 months of age. Two of their children have type 1diabetes. Two children to a bed, other children sleep on mattresses doubled up on living room floor! They are in terrible debt! They need everyones help! Please, I beg of everyone to be generous and send them a donation! Lets bring Moshiach now through your generous financial help!

    3. rabbi Cohen

      I understand what are you saing but this family here in usa also have problems and people are confused where and to who to send the money is better and nicer to ask for a separate add you don’t think

    4. rabbi Cohen

      Hi all checks can be made on the rabbi name Yitzhak meir or in the name of chabad and can be send to 525 Bellevue st apart 1 Green bay Wisconsin 54302 and I will thanx to everyone

    5. rabbi Cohen

      Mr a.cohen I think ur post in the post of someone else is very confusing to ppl plz ask to remove it and ask to make a post for you thanks

    6. A.Cohen

      The post I made regarding the Bichler family is not for me at all, but for them! I personally know them very well, and try my best to be of help to them, but it is simply not enough. I am only one person, and not a wealthy one either. My heart pours out to them! Seeing them in such desparate straits, and no way out of it on their own, is heart rending. In Israel, if you yourself do not have connections to people who can channel funds to you, if you were not blessed to be amongst those who know how to raise money for you, you simply suffer! If you yourself do not know how to raise money for yourself, because you happen to be simply nice erliche Yidden-that can’t push, shove or shout your way for financial aid and benefits, then you simply have to suffer!
      It is up to Klall Yisroel to come to the aid of this truly special family!
      What are we waiting for-till one or both of the parents die at a premature age due to their stressful circumstaces? Then maybe you would find the heart to help them out?
      Do we arrogantly ask them why did they have so many children? Even though we learn through Chassidus that before Moshiach can come-that all the Neshamos in Shamayim have to come down first-and that since not everyone is doing their job in bringing down these holy neshamos, others do it for them, without complaining? And these people, the Bichler family, who have 17 children, and are raising them beautifully to be true Chassidic Jews in every way, in a way that our Rebbe is truly proud of, who in their right mind wouldnt sit down right now and write them a nice check and mail it to them and have a share in bring Moshiach and the Geulah now!
      So once again,
      as I asked before, please mail checks to:
      Shlomo Bichler
      Baba Sali 11 apt. # 4
      Beitar Elite

      Let’s help bring Moshiach now by coming to the aid of this family now!
      Thank you!

    7. A.Cohen

      I imagine that there are needy Jews in USA as well. However, in USA there are government programs such as welfare, food stamps etc. that help all families who qualify, regardless of race, color, creed or status! None of this aid exists in Israel! As a matter of fact, if one approaches the government social services dept. requesting frequent aid, one is likely to be faced with terrible consequences-such as very endearing social workers telling the parents that their children should be placed in homes where people can afford to look after them and provide for them materially in a much better fashion! This happens over and over again! Sad but true!
      It is a Mitzvah to come to the financial aid of your poor starving brethren in Eretz Yisroel!
      Please, I appeal everyone-every Yid with a heart- write and send a check to:
      Shlomo Bichler
      Baba Sali Street # 11 apt. #4
      Beitar Eilite, Israel

      Once again, they have 17 children, 2 of whom are diabetic-type 1
      children sleep 2 to a bed plus other children on mattresses on floor in living room, 2 to a mattress!
      They are in terrible debt! They did not heat their apt. the entire winter because they couldn’t afford to!
      For dinner, they cut 2 tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers into long thin slices, and their children have that with bread!
      Let’s help bring the Geulah now! Let’s bring Moshiach Now!
      Let’s make the Rebbe proud of us NOW!
      Thanking everyone in advance! May all those who contribute be blessed greatly in every way=materially, and spiritually!

      They need our help! Please, I beg of everyone, PLEASE be there for them, send them your much needed checks NOW!

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