The Rebbe Responds to 770 Dancing




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    The Rebbe Responds to 770 Dancing

    As “Sixty Days” of dancing, which will continue throughout both months of Adar, commences in 770, ChabadInfo present a handwritten note from the Rebbe responding to a similar event in Adar, 5752 • Full Story, Letter

    In Adar of 5752, a group of Chassidim arranged dancing in 770 accompanied by the live musical talent of R’ Yossi Cohen. In a letter submitted to the Rebbe the very next day, they explain what happened, including that the dancing went on from 10:00 to 12:00, and that during those two hours “coming by were hundreds of Bochurim and Anash”.

    The letter, signed by Rabbis Yitzchok Springer, Shlomo Zalman Majesky, and Shmuel Menachem Mendel Butman, continued to describe the event: “during the evening, R’ Chaim Shalom Dovber Lipsker and R’ Shlomo Zalman Majesky delivered the content of the Rebbe Shlita’s Sicha of after Maariv, in English and Yiddish, and announced regarding Torah, Tefillah, and Tzedaka.”

    The letter also noted that there was “light refreshments of Mashke, Mezonos, and soda, and it was, thank G-d, very ‘Freilich’.”

    Concluding the letter, they write: “We wished ourselves that just as we merited tonight, so should we merit tomorrow (Today) to dance with Moshiach. We ask the Rebbe’s Bracha that we are able to continue with this and with success.”

    On the blank space at the bottom of the letter, the Rebbe wrote this response: [free translation]

    “and it should be a continuous activity and with expansion I’ll mention it at the Ohel [of the Frierdiker Rebbe]”.

    Since then, Rabbi Yekusiel Rapp A”H has dedicated himself to the activity and expanded it further, ensuring that each year during the month, or months, of Adar there was ‘Freilich’ dancing in which the Bochurim and Anash could participate.

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    1. Yossi

      It does not look to me like the Rebbe’s handwriting. maybe it’s R’ Leibel Groner’s? can someone confirm?

    2. Anonymous

      Yes, that is Rabbi Groner’s handwriting

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    The Rebbe Responds to 770 Dancing