Last Days: All You Need to Know




    Shifra Vepua

    Last Days: All You Need to Know

    For the last days of Pesach, we are publicizing the Halachos that the Beis Din of Crown Heights published of all the laws and customs • Halachos

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-064

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-065

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-066

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-067

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-068

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-069

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-070

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-071

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-072

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-073

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-074

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-075

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-076

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-077

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-078

    Pasach Eng 5776-Hakhel-page-079


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    1. typo

      thank you for publishing the laws and customs, it gave me a chance to quickly review some items I was too harried to look up before yom tov.

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