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    With great sadness we inform you of the passing of R’ Moshe Shuchat, OB”M, a longtime resident of Crown Heights who prepared the Mikvah the Rebbe used for many years, He was 97-years-old • Full Story

    With great sadness we inform you of the passing of R’ Moshe Shuchat, OB”M, a longtime resident of Crown Heights who prepared the Mikvah the Rebbe used for many years, He was 97-years-old.

    Reb Moshe was born on 3 Cheshvan, 5681 in Harlem, NY. As a young boy, he attended Harlem Yeshiva. When it closed, he was sent to Jacob Joseph Yeshiva.

    His parents, Zalman Zvi and Rivka Shuchat (nee Yalkut, of the illustrious Jerusalem family, descended from the Maharsha) immigrated to Israel when he was 14 because they were worried about giving their children proper chinuch.

    Reb Moshe went into the workforce in Dubek Tobacco (British Cigarette Company in Israel) and continued to work hard his entire life.

    He moved to America and married Lena (Brocho Lifsha) Pinsker in 1948.

    After their marriage, the couple lived in the East New York area of Brooklyn, and when the neighborhood declined, moved to Crown Heights.

    Reb Moshe worked as a distributor for Shaklee and Fuller Cleaning products. He would be seen traveling all over Crown Heights distributing household products door-to-door, rain or shine, for many years.

    He served as the Gabbai of Lefferts Avenue Shul for many years, as well as a noted Chazan in Manhattan’s Beis Medrash Hagadol. He is remembered by many Crown Heights residents for his Nusach haTefilla, which was unique and melodious. He was also known as a staunch advocate for Shleimus Ha’aretz.

    His wife Lifsha Shuchat was the caretaker for the Mikvah on Union Street, and when she became ill and could not do so anymore, Reb Moshe took on her duties, preparing the Mikvah for the Rebbe’s use.

    A devoted Chosid, after moving to Crown Heights in 1973-1974, he participated in every farbrengen and merited to sit on the dais very close to the Rebbe. During the years that his wife was ill, at each farbrengen, he would approach the Rebbe and say “L’chaim.”

    At one farbrengen, when R’ Moshe did not go up to the Rebbe, the Rebbe told his secretary to call him over, and when he approached, the Rebbe said, “I was waiting for you.”

    Known as a tremendous Yerei Shomayim, Reb Moshe always davened with a Minyan, and never missed a fast day, even when he was in the hospital.

    He is survived by his children, Rabbi Menachem Gedalya (Mendel) Shuchat – Teaneck, NJ; Rabbi Avrohom Leib (Leibel) Shuchat – Caracas, Venezuela; Chaya Devorah Shuchat – Kensington, Brooklyn; R’ Zev Nosson (Velvel) Shuchat – Flatbush, NY; R’ Zalman Tzvi Shuchat – Crown Heights; R’ Mordechai Yehuda Shuchat – Kingston, PA; and Mrs. Yocheved Leah Ben-Oni – Crown Heights; as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    He was predeceased by his wife Brocha Lifsha (Lena) in 1989, and his son Shmuel Tanchum in 2005.

    The Levaya will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 10:15am at Shomrei Hadas and passing by 770 at around 11:00am.

    To share stories or memories with his family, email [email protected].

    Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes


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    1. Segal

      Baruch dayan haemes. Very sorry to hear about this pnimiusdike chassid. I wanted to point out that it is called Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva, after the chief Rabbi of NY.

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