Competition Concludes: 52 Songs Submitted For 11 Nissan


    Competition Concludes: 52 Songs Submitted For 11 Nissan

    On Monday morning, the Vaad Nigunei Lubavitch concluded the submissions for songs on Kapital 120, the Rebbe’s new Kapital. We are happy to present all the songs that were composed, in honor of the Yud Aleph Nissan • Listen

    Song from Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Silberman

    Song from Rabbi Levi Goldstein (Postville, Iowa)

    Song from Rabbi Shraga Nasana and Hatamim Shmuel Betzalel Dahan

    Song from Hatamim Shmuel Menachem Halbershtam

    Song from Hatamim Yosef Lubin and Hatamim Dovid Shvei (London)

    Song from Hatamim Nasan Lifshitz and Hatamim Menachem Mendel Glitzenshtein (Shiur Beis Lod)

    Song from Hatamim Shmuli Brakman

    Song from Yeshivas Queens (with small corrections)

    Song from Rabbi Moshe Pizem

    Song from Hatamim Yitzchak Shulkis

    Song from Rabbi Yehuda Freeman

    Song from Mendel Merkel

    Song from Hatamim Zalman Aharon Brod and Hatamim Shlomo Matusof (Oholei Torah 8th Grade)

    Song from Hatamim Shmuel Goldstein

    Song from Hatamim Yossi Hertzel and Hatamim Chananya Hadler (Shiur Aleph Cincinatti)

    Song from Temimim of Yeshivas Queens

    Yeshivas Bunoy (By Frankel/Niselevitch)

    Song from Temimim of New Haven Mesivta

    Song from Shliach Rabbi Cunin

    Song from Hatamim Menachem Mendel Kighner (Yeshiva Gedolah of Rishon Letziyon)

    Song from Yisroel Tenenbaum

    Song from Hatamim Yechiel Michel Piekarski

    Song from Mordechai Erlanger

    Song from Hatamim Menachem Mendel Greenberg (Brunoy)

    Song from Rabbi Berel Pashter

    Song from Hatamim Levi Teldon

    Song from Hatamim Nota Lifshitz

    Song from Menachem Mendel Gurari

    Song from Tzemach Mendel Altabi (Nice, France), and Shlomo Matusof (Monoco)

    Song from Hatamim Shalom Chacks

    Song from Zalman Garelik

    Song from Shiur Aleph of Yeshivas Migdal Ha’Emek, produced by Temimim Oz Shtuer and Michoel Glitzenshtein

    Song from Temimim of Shiur Aleph Westchester

    Song from Hatamim Shalom Myhill (Shiur Gimel Cincinatti)

    Song from Hatamim Shmuel Brackman (Chicago)


    Song from Oholei Torah

    Song from Ari Blesofsky

    Song from Jay Rubner

    Song from Yosef Zalmanov

    Song from Hatamim Meir Bartfield

    Song from Temimim of Yeshiva Gedola Kiryat Gat

    Song from Rabbi Yisroel Granubter

    Song from Yisachar Shmuel HaKohen Reichman

    Song from Chayil in Tzivos Hashem – Moshe Braun

    Song from Rabbi Asher Federman

    Song from Hatamim Menachem Mendel Chaviv (Yeshiva Gedolah Beit Shemesh)

    Song from Shliach Shnur Zalman Willhelm

    Song from Hatamim Avremi Markowitz

    Song from Shlomo Glazer

    Song from Menachem Mendel Belinov

    Song from Mendy Noyman

    Song from Mendy Keller

    Song from Menachem Brem (Beish Chabad Nimzo)

    1st song from Menachem Mendel Landau

    2nd song from Menachem Mendel Landau

    Song from Menachem Mendel Taitelbaum

    Song from Mendy Kay

    Song from Kievman

    Song from Yisroel Dovid Shmueli

    Song from Rabbi Yitzchak Marks

    Song from Shmuel Tal

    Song from Yanky Horowitz and Rabbi Yekusiel Feldman (Oholei Torah)

    Song from Rabbi Reuven Amnaulov

    Song from Baal Menagen Rabbi Shalom HaLevi Bruchshtat

    Song from Shmuel Chaim Riterman

    Song from Shmulik Niselevitch

    Song from Shneur Zalman Ben Shmuel

    Song from Shneur Zalman Baumgarten

    Song from Shliach Rabbi Menachem Lalum (Netanya)



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    Competition Concludes: 52 Songs Submitted For 11 Nissan